ACT Fibernet Launches Broadband Plans in Coimbatore

As a result of the update, Internet Service Provider (ISP) Rs. 1250 GB monthly data with 60 Mbps speed. Coimbatore has 675 users, while Hyderabad has a user base. 500 plans with 1000 GB data quota and 40 Mbps speed. ACT Fibernet also Rs. 549 ‘Starter’ plan for customers using fiber-optic broadband in Coimbatore.

For Coimbatore users, ACT FIBERNET has improved its four broadband plans’ data allocation, starting at Rs. 675 and Rs. 1,125 p. 675, Rs. There are additional benefits for customers opting for speed. 1,325 and Rs. 1,499 monthly rent.

The ACT Basic Wallet plan is available at Rs. 675 per month has been increased from 50 Mbps to 60 Mbps. The plan has also upgraded the current 1000 GB data allocation has also been upgraded to 1250 GB with the plan.

Along with the Aadhaar plan, ACT Fibernet has upgraded Rs. 825 plans with 2,000 GB data as compared to the current 1,500 GB. Rupee. The 1,025 ACT plan has also been upgraded from 2,000 GB data allocation to 3,300 GB. The same Rs 1,125 plan now offers 3,300 GB data quota as compared to 2,500 GB.

ACT Fibernet has also improved Rs. 1,325 and Rs. 1,499 plans with speeds of 300 Mbps and 350 Mbps, respectively. Rupee. 1,325 plan had earlier offered 250 Mbps connection, while Rs. 1,499 plan was available with a maximum speed of 300 Mbps.

Leading Schemes in Coimbatore Rs. starts with. 2,999 per month remains unchanged.

ACT Fibernet also Rs. 549 “Starter” plan with 40 Mbps speed and 750 GB data for a month in Coimbatore. After the quota given by the data, the speed of transmission will be reduced to 512 kbps.

Apart from Coimbatore, ACT Fibernet has improved the distribution of available data with its Rs. 500, Rs. 700 and 1,075 schemes in Hyderabad. While Rs. 700 and Rs. 1,075 plans get an unlimited data quota.

The speed of the three advanced aircraft remained unchanged. Apart from this, the operator has not made any changes in its plan starting from Rs. 1,325, the most common

Telecomtock originally reported the update. The changes are also visible on the ACT Fibernet website.

ACT Fibernet confirmed to Gadgets 360 that the changes had been made for its users in Coimbatore and Hyderabad. He also added that the upgrade is available for existing customers in both cities.

Earlier this month, ACT Fibernet started offering additional speeds to its users to provide additional speeds of up to 500 Mbps on an all-India basis.

Bangalore-based Fibernet has modified several home broadband plans in Coimbatore and Hyderabad and now offers faster internet speeds and additional data benefits. Coimbatore users can enjoy additional benefits in this plan: ACT Basic, ACT Jung, ACT Sprint, ACT Race, ACT Race, ACT Zoom, and ACT Bolt. The company also said the price of the ACT Starter Package. 549, and it was the cheapest plan for Coimbatore users. ACT Broadband Hyderabad users can benefit from this plan: A-Max 500, A-Max 700, and A-Max 1075.

  • It costs ₹ 549 and offers 40 Mbps speed. 750GB appears with a monthly allotment of data posting, limiting speeds to a low 512kbps.
  • ACT Basic plan costs ₹675 and gets 60Mbps speed. 1,250GB appears with a monthly allotment of data posting, limiting speeds to a low 512kbps.
  • Act Rush Scheme Cost. Offers speeds of 825 and 100 Mbps. 2,000GB appears with a monthly allotment of data posting, limiting the low speed to 512kbps.
  • The Sprint ACT plan costs ₹1,025 and offers speeds of 200mbps. 3,300GB appears with a monthly allotment of data posting, limiting speeds to a low 512kbps.

Atria Conversion Technology (ACT) Fibernet, one of India’s renowned Fiber Internet Service Providers (ISPs), has increased the benefits of its basic broadband plan without the price hike. Firstly, if you are looking for an entry-level broadband plan from ACT in Coimbatore, one of the best options is ACT Basic, which gives 50 Mbps speed with 1000GB of data per month. However, this plan is sweet with the speed and data offered by the company without the price change.

ACT Basic Plan Receives Upgradation in Benefits:

The original scheme of the Act in Coimbatore has been expanded to provide high speed and fair use of Policy Data (FUP). As mentioned above, the ACT Basic plan gives users 50 Mbps speed per month with 1000GB of data. The cost is Rs 625 per month (without tax).

However, with the basic package, ACT will now offer 625 Mbps speed with monthly FUP data of 1250 GB for Rs 625. This change has been made new by the company. After fully consuming the FUP data, users will be offered data at 512 kbps. There are many additional benefits like a free Epic trial; ACT Shield starts at Rs 49 per month, Rs 99 monthly fee, ACT Stream TV 4K only Rs 199 per month, and much more.

It should be noted that very few major ISPs in India offer 60 Mbps broadband plans. But the price of this plan is as per the 60 Mbps plan. However, the plan’s total cost with taxes is Rs 737.5, which is still enough to pay. Broadband JioFiber and Rs 699 Exitel plan can be a strong option, as both offer speeds of 100 Mbps, which is much faster than 60 Mbps and costs only a little more.