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Argyle’s SAAS to change Financial Score Record System of world.

Your personal and financial information is under your control and ready to be used together in a way that was not readily available before, especially for the growing economy of music, contract, and creators. But what difference can it make by taking a loan or applying for a job?

The $55 million Series B grant, announced today, helps companies access approved employment records in real-time, helping workers directly into the new economy, and reducing time and effort.

Four-year-old Argil claims it is the first self-service tool for free consumers to generate income and employment verification reports. Argile’s consent-based program provides a much-needed alternative to the old and time-consuming verification tasks. It allows employees to quickly access, verify and share their employment and employment information with lenders, landlords, and employers of their choice without having to refill.

A professional can submit recurring forms, a V-9 or V-2 document, insurance information, and current and past income information needed for a loan or new employment application.


According to the CEO and co-founder of ARGIL, consumers should not be underestimated based on opaque numbers, i.e., a credit score over which they have little or no control. The company said Argile’s approach deviates from this traditional credit pattern and calls on companies to reassess consumer demands for credit, housing, insurance, and other essential financial services.

“Consumers are hurt by inaccurate and incomplete data on income and employment, which is difficult and exhausting.” Earn significant profits by selling income and employment certificates on experience and plaid data that is static and does not reflect the real situation of consumers. Can do. Real-time,” Fishman says.

Type 1099 employees are often denied financial services due to a lack of Argill’s data, which includes more than 1,200 employee gigs and part-time and contract workers. According to a new survey, more than 63% of freelancers who can afford to pay for financial services are denied access because their credit score is based on outdated or misinformation.

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About 70% of the gig and freelance workers believe that their employment and income records reflect their ability to pay more than their credit scores. However, most businesses and institutions still depend on credit scores.


In light of global instability and the fact that institutions that do not provide them must be able to access critical financial services (loans, leasing, mortgages, etc.), solving this problem is a victory for disadvantaged consumers. Access to critical financial services.

“It’s about access to financial services and services,” the Argyll co-founder and CEO told VentureBeat. “When you show how much money you make, how often you work, etc., it makes it easier for financial institutions to take on products that help them streamline the process and reduce their costs. does.” So it’s a win. – Victory from both sides.

The nature of work is changing; Not all V-2s anymore. People are freelancers. They either make money in the producer’s economy. In this industry, there is a joke that banks like to subscribe to V-2 workers who earn $500,000 to $100,000.

According to Marsden, Argile’s wide range includes more than 500,000 U.S. employers, including 60% of the Fortune 500, millions of gig workers, and more than 170 million U.S. employees.

Analysts like, Cpterra, or Gartner Peer Review have yet to assess Argyle.

“Argile sets a new standard for credit risk assessment,” Fishman told VentureBeat. “It opens the way for a more financial approach for all consumers by dealing with a holistic and fair identity, employment and income verification.”

The Series B financing round for Argile was led by current investors, including Ban Capital Ventures, Bedrock, and Checker. After Argyll, Fishman says an additional capital investment will be used to strengthen the company’s internal engineering team, spur international growth, and enhance the company’s market operations.

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The enterprise aims to become a digital city square for enterprises to acquire knowledge of transformational technology and transact for technological decision-making.

The Complexity Administrator is currently reviewing the timing and out-of-pocket damages claims. The administrator will contact you via email or letter if your claim requires additional information. Valid emails will come from the admin who completed the email regarding the completion email.

More Information About the Settlement:

The company is affiliated with the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and 50 U.S. companies. States and territories have agreed to a global agreement. The agreement includes up to $425 million to help those affected by the data breach.

Loss of unauthorized charges to your account –

Costs are paid to professionals, such as an accountant or attorney, to help you remove check theft.
During identity theft recovery, you incur notary fees, document shipping costs, postage, mileage, and telephone costs, among others.
You can also submit a claim for the time taken to recover identity or fraud theft between January 23, 2020, and January 22, 2024. You can be compensated up to $25 an hour for 20 hours. There are limited funds available, so your claim may be reduced.

Free Help to End Identity Theft –

Suppose you are affected by any data breach and find that your personal information is being misused. In that case, you can get a free identity restoration service from January 2022, even if you have never claimed other benefits. To get this benefit, use the search tool you are affected by the breaches. The confirmation pages provide telephone numbers and participation numbers to receive free assistance with restoration.

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