Cloud based multimedia company has obtained AI implementation

The global company today announced that it had received an AI implementation opportunity from KokDigital, a leading provider of artificial intelligence in Turkey. Together, the organizations will speed blue.

The collaboration builds on Blue’s previous investments in artificial intelligence. Many Fortune 500 customers. (ML) including data science can be announced. An original service. Blue.Cloud is well-versed in making operational decisions, providing more dynamic insights into data, and identifying consumer trends.

Coca, co-founder, co-founder, and co-founder of Blue.

Partnerships with professional AI giants such as CockDigital have equipped us with advanced use cases and experienced team members to help us turn customer data into a competitive advantage for customers. We are excited to implement the technology of the future in the future.

Blue.Cloud, a data-driven company, focuses on developing advanced data and analytics in the cloud using advanced technologies and a team of world-class IT leaders to transform the business and operations of their businesses. By integrating with CockDigital’s AI team, the company will be laser-focused on key digital transformation initiatives that will include AI and ML solutions to drive increased customer productivity and revenue in 2022. Service business, blue. .Cloud, thanks to their vast market experience.

Kocdigital helps in the digital transformation effort by harnessing the power of its AI and IoT solutions to bring revolutionary insights into the digital business journey.

In addition, the company has implemented more than 150 artificial intelligence projects in various sectors such as manufacturing, energy, retail, and finance. In addition, the company has developed strong strategic partnerships with world-leading technology companies such as Microsoft, SAS, Siemens, and Amazon.

CocDigital CEO said, “Blue.Cloud’s user experience and proven industry demand have enabled a perfect relationship between our partners.

CocoDigital’s experience in artificial intelligence with Blue’s deployment capabilities will provide a valuable analytical solution in the US market as we continue to assist organizations in the digital transformations, post-project Artificial Intelligence Stability Services, and Internet of Things end-to-end Things huh. and big-end analytics. information

Blue.Cloud: What is the difference between it and Blue?

For more information, visit, digital strategy, data analytics, and cloud services for businesses ranging from Fortune 500 to mid-market companies and startups. Its strong technical capabilities enable key business processes and collaboration to create an innovative, differentiating user experience.

About Cockdizital:

CokiDigital, one of the world’s leading consulting companies and the world’s leading consulting companies, offers a unique opportunity to combine its physical and digital properties and link an organization’s hardware components, resulting in Price increases.

With big data and advanced analytical solutions, Cocodigital and big data and analytics capabilities focus on optimizing value chains to ensure ongoing communications and communications.

The AI ​​technologies in sports now:

According to the same research by PwC, AI-based devices have also been integrated into almost all major sports disciplines, such as American football, plate, baseball, and cricket, and non-professional leisure activities such as sports on land. In.

We can calculate sensors and cameras on this device, which can be worn and operated on computer vision to collect athlete performance data. In addition, natural language processing tools can take advantage of speech and text recognition to gather insights about audience feelings.

Machine learning systems (ML) and in-depth learning (DL) can use all this information to help trainers and managers create a predictive model to automate the many processes related to broadcast experiences and fans and fans. It is done to create. Is. will be processed for


Artificial intelligence can influence an athlete’s career from the very beginning. Specifically, it can process historical data about a player’s potential and market value before investing in a sports club.

This is the case with the NBA Global Scout App, a platform that uses artificial intelligence to analyze videos uploaded by users and evaluate their performance while doing certain exercises.

It can also be an advantage for players as it adopts artificial intelligence-based tools to reduce bias during recruitment and helps spot hidden talents in countries where certain sports are specialized. It is not practiced.


Performance analysis and future modeling may impact developing training programs for athletes and sports strategies. With the help of sensors and AI-run cameras, it is possible to assemble the crowd (graduation, aiming, reversal, speed, ball path, shot accuracy, etc.).

An ML-based system will process this information to ensure useful insights for the instructor. In addition, machine learning can identify patterns in an opponent’s game and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

According to the 2019 Artificial Intelligence Report in the Sports Market published by Research and Markets, such technology can improve the performance of individuals and teams by 17% and 28%. They have been widely used in various sports contexts. For example, IBM provides an estimate managed by AI to the coaches of the US Tennis Association.