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Michelle Simmon’s idea of Quantum computing

Now the quantum computer is rather real. The new Google computing experiment published in Nature has ushered in a new computing era. Google scientists will show the potential of quantum processors that conventional computers will achieve in years. So far, no one has been able to maintain quantum stability for a long time.

Quantum computers work very differently from classic machines: the classic bit is 1 or 0, but the quantum bit, or Berry, can be in more positions simultaneously. A team led by John Martinis, an experimental physicist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Mountain View, California, said their quantum computers performed various calculations beyond the practical capability of “classical” computers. Even the best classic supercomputers of 10,000 years would be required to carry out the same calculations.

The main property marked by Qibit is related to interference called SO; The third important property concerns the possibility of questions, which are interconnected and have deep connections. This means simplification, being able to count at the first visible speed.

Physicists and engineers have long learned how to manage QBits. An efficient thermal management system is required to exploit its characteristics and maintain quantum stability. In addition, they must be separated under special laboratory conditions; Otherwise, they collapse. So far, superconductors have been used, metals capable of operating at temperatures below zero. IBM and Google work on the Josephson intersection, which consists of strips of two superconductors separated by isolators. There are other technologies, such as quantum topology computing, where Microsoft makes a position.

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The example Google uses is the output control of a random quantum generator calculation. But a limited example, this is a huge scientific result. The news also leaked from the website of NASA, which collaborates with Google in quantum computing.

With this aim, Google Quantum has gained supremacy which has long been a military stone. “Google seems to have given us the first experimental evidence that quantum speed-up can be achieved in a real-world system,” said Mitchell, a quantum physicist at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

The Google algorithm runs on a 54-qt quantum chip, each consisting of loops of superconductors. In general, this number is only a small fraction of the millions of queries machines may require for computing purposes.

Solution tests required data to be entered to compare different computing models created by various classic computers, including the Supercomputer Summit at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. The Google team estimates it would take 10,000 years to follow the entire circuit, even on a computer with one million processing units. On the other hand, a quantum computer takes only 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

This is another step towards fully adapting quantum computers to fulfill more sophisticated tasks. Physicists think that quantum computers will need to work on a large scale. Google works in this direction, trying to further increase the amount of Super Charity in the upcoming commercial market.

The availability of universal quantum computers could fundamentally impact the field of research and our community. Quantum computing and artificial intelligence could protect things we’ve never seen before.

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Growing up in England, Michelle Simmons felt a strange kinship with a scientist, born in the late 1700s, whose work established the principles of electromagnetic fields in physics, so he became a personal hero. Gone.

But at the University of New South Wales, the Scientist Semen Professor of Quantum Physics had to travel to the Australia League as his idol. Semyon is a physicist in the race to build the world’s first quantum computer with atoms. Quantum computers will be able to compute vast amounts of data that computers cannot process in time, unlocking developments in telecommunications, defense, finance, logistics, technology, and pharmacy.

In 2012, he made a breakthrough in his quest by placing phosphorus atoms in silicon crystals to make the world’s youngest transistors. He has joined his hero Faraday in winning one of the world’s most prestigious science prizes.

Britain’s Royal Society, first established in the 1600s, sequenced the world’s first quantum electronic devices where individual atomic controls, which Simmons named “for our understanding of nature at atomic-scale”. Has been nominated. Bavarian Medal and Lecture. Tool Behavior “. Semen receives £10,000 ($18,500) and will travel to England to send his lectures. It records its name in the global designer of physics,” said UNSW deputy rector Professor Nicholas Fisk.

The 54-year-old Simmons doubted that if he didn’t go to Australia in 1999, he would achieve much in Australia in 2007 and 2018. Growing up in England, I don’t know why, but people are very impressed by it. There’s a risk, he said. When he urged his colleagues to find quantum computing, he was rejected.

The enthusiasm for similar ideas in Australia made him think he was in the wrong place. In Australia, there’s a real feeling that a great opportunity could happen – why not just get out there and stop talking about it like the whole world and do it. But he added that when it comes to converting the results of scientific research into commercial applications, it’s the opposite. “All of a sudden, everyone pressed the brakes,” he said.

Semen said doubts, failure, and helpful errors are the keys to moving forward. I tell the people in my lab that it’s not a mistake; whatever the outcome, you learn something, and the worst is not to try and try and run the best. Seven is so dedicated to his job that he freely admitted that he was almost unaware of the pandemic; his family ordered three vacations but they had to be canceled due to the lockout.

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He said I live in a bubble, noting that as research continues, the numbers in the lab have dwindled. I live in multiple labs, so I don’t know what happened outside because many things are happening here.

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Michelle Simmon's idea of Quantum computing