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Google, Amazon, and Microsoft disagree with new data center rules

Technology giants with large Irish operating systems have reacted negatively to rule changes that would force new data center operators to supply their...

Reddit Users supports Woman non cooperation if men watch games.

Thanksgiving is upon us; Turkey and football fans look forward to it. However, there is an important annual routine in a woman’s household: men who...
Quantum processor Eagle (2)

World’s Most Powerful Quantum Processor "Eagle" Launched

IBM this week launched a 127-cube quantum computing chip called Eagle, showing a new asset in the race to build the most powerful quantum computer. Their...
plant eggs

Perfeggt introduced plant-based egg for vegans.

Perfeggt sells substitutes for plant-like dairy products and flower meat globally and wants to do the same for display eggs. The Berlin-based food technology...

Artificial Intelligence Models to adopt Socratic Methods

The next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) used in public health, IoT, and other mission applications will soon be able to make better decisions...

Argyle's SAAS to change Financial Score Record System of world.

Your personal and financial information is under your control and ready to be used together in a way that was not readily available before, especially...
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Apple wrote letter to protect their app store revenue.

To sue Apple, a major tech antitrust lawsuit has been filed. Last week, Apple filed a lawsuit to protect its App Store from laws requiring users to install...
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Apple wrote letter to protect their app store revenue.
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