Perfeggt introduced plant-based egg for vegans.

Perfeggt sells substitutes for plant-like dairy products and flower meat globally and wants to do the same for display eggs.

The Berlin-based food technology company will launch its chicken-free egg products in the first quarter of 2022 in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Today, the company announced that it raised $2.8 million in its first round of funding to help with the initial launch and expand to Europe later in 2022.

Backers of the tour include Avig Group, Straw Dog Capital, E2JDJ, Tate Ventures, Good Seed Ventures, Sustainable Food Ventures, and Xeo Capital.

Perfect CEO Tanja Bogumil co-founded the company, which is part of Lovely Day Foods GmbH, earlier this year, along with Gary Linn, Avig’s founder and CEO and CEO, and Berne Baker, a longtime leader of German manufacturer Rugenweiler. He was the CEO at the time. Palace. Responsible for research and development. Vegetarian and vegetarian meat.

“My mother’s family comes from small-scale farming, so I’m always aware of where we eat. My uncle took me in a slap to show me the sausage I ate; He wasn’t built properly. I didn’t. Understand what was, but it wasn’t perfect or human.

Unlike dairy products, where consistency exists, he believes eggs are still largely discouraged. Of course, some companies make similar plant substitutes, such as Ordinary Agents and Just Bricks, which raised $200 million earlier this summer. Still, more than 1.3 trillion eggs are produced globally, so there is room for growth. And the applications are diverse, Bogumil said.

The first plant-based egg product is a protein-rich liquid substitute made from beans. It can be prepared with scrambled eggs or as an omelet.

As with all foods, the taste is king, and synergies work with this product to produce the same feeling of mouth, sensations, taste, and texture—all of which, according to Bogumil, switch people to the plant equivalent. We do. Help to do. Are necessary for.

To achieve this, the Research and Development of Perfegat in Amsland, Germany, worked with the University of Research and Wageningen to test the most common sources of their combinations, which we’re working on for their scientific research. Is. is known.

The new funding allows the company to strengthen its headquarters and research and development center, team. The company recruits scientists in food, marketing, and research and development.

In the meantime, Bogumil believes that more companies entering the alternative egg space will help direct people to the right mission for plant-based foods.

“It’s not a winning market,” he said. “In history, we have never seen alternative proteins closer to the mainstream market. This is reflected not only in the growth of niche markets but also in the future of food in capital markets.

Factory-based alternatives to milk and meat have evolved in the global market, and eggs are meant to do the same. Berin-based food technology companies plan to launch chicken-free egg products in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria in the first quarter of 2022. The company has announced that it raised $2.8 million in its first investment round to help. With an initial launch and then expanded to Europe again in 2022.

Earlier this year, Perfect CEO Tanja Bogumil participated in the founding of the company along with Rugenwalder Mule, a vegetarian meat maker and one of the founders of Avg Gary Linn, a German vegetarian, former head of R&D, R&D.

Perfect, First Vegetable Egg Product is a protein-rich liquid egg substitute manufactured by FAVA Beans. It can be made into an egg or fried omelet in a pan. The food service firm will be the first to use the company’s products. Taste is a king in food, and the co-founder works hard to design a similar tongue-twister product with sensation, taste, and texture. All Bogumils believes that people should celebrate the transition to plant-based alternatives.

The new liquidity will allow companies to expand their personnel at the head office and its research and development center. The company currently has an opportunity for food scientists, marketing, and research and development. In the meantime, Bogumil thinks that more companies entering the egg replacement industry will help consumers find the perfect way to turn eggs into plants.

The Singapore company is the world’s first nutritionally concentrated hard-boiled egg.

Vegetarians who enjoy their ramen can now enjoy a meal made with vegetable-boiled eggs manufactured by Osmopod, a Singapore-based company that hard-boils its vegetarian eggs. It is made from fungi that naturally undergo a fermentation process to form mycoproteins, which contain the same essential amino acids as meat and a variety of seaweeds and antioxidants from higher algae to higher levels. ,

Billed as the first of its kind, the hard-boiled egg vegetarian is made using 90% fewer soil resources and water than its animal-based counterparts, making it a much more sustainable option.

While other plant-based eggs are an option, Osmopod claims this is the first word, as it can provide important nutrients that are not present in others. In a press release, OsmoPood’s founder, Jason Fong, said: “We believe in harnessing the power of real food to tool bodies with the nutrients they need to live their best lives. Ingredients are important, and The food we eat is different from other alternative meat products. We are not only vegetarian; our food is equally nutritious.