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Prosimo to launch multicloud networking setup

The rush of companies to adopt multi-cloud and hybrid clouds has not waned in recent years. This intensified during the pandemic as organizations moved to use cloud services to adapt to their suddenly distributed IT environments. Fell. The environment where most of their employees work remotely. And they are adamant about it because the dramatic changes to a hybrid workforce seem permanent for many.

A multi-cloud strategy can provide:

Countless benefits for an enterprise.
With the flexibility and agility to avoid joining a single cloud vendor.
Helping organizations choose the right cloud for a given charge and cloud service transition.

He allows himself to defend himself.

However, it can also add to some of its complications. According to PROSIMO, a simplified multi-cloud network configuration is critical to ensure application performance in such a distributed environment.

Please, keep this belief in mind; it was established in 2019, which has only confirmed the research conducted by the company. In a study released earlier this month, the company found that companies continue to view multi-cloud as an important computing model.

Of the more than 400 IT leaders surveyed, 62 percent say they plan for a mature multi-cloud environment within two years. About 91 percent said they would be there in two years.

The study pointed out that a comprehensive multi-cloud networking strategy is lacking. 63 percent of IT leaders said that a successful multi-cloud plan provides stability and security across users, applications, and devices, but 53 percent said traditional networking approaches could get them there.

Please launch a player-defined van (SD-van) space by the founders of Viptella, which Cisco Systems purchased in 2017 for $610 million. In April, it launched its application, Experience Infrastructure, backed by $25 million in mutual funds. (AKSI) platform initially focused on connecting networking, performance, security, monitoring, and cost management into a single and unified infrastructure cluster. Was. Mehul Patel, head of marketing at the next platform, says Prosimo is designed to be focused.

“It all goes together, Patel says.”

This is the general objective of the company. We want this result, and all these results must be given. [Platform] Allows you to measure security and value. Allows you to measure performance growth. These are some of the results of the application you have received.

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Mani Ganasan, head of the supplier of products, says the uneven nature of the cloud has also been a challenge.

“Since different applications run in the cloud — whether it’s a single cloud or multiple regions or multiple clouds — each application is different,” Ganesan told Next Platform. An infrastructure application differs from a web application.

What does this mean for transit in the cloud? The same users take. Users are differentiated: they are partners, professional consumers, and professional employees.

What does this mean for secure access? How do you make sure access is guaranteed? All requests [user, application, and device] are correct, and then you can authorize and authenticate them continuously? And what does this mean for performance, visibility, etc.?,

Please recently expanded its features to App Transit multi-cloud network infrastructure platforms, including FastLine, to make it easier for organizations to expand their reach to a rapidly growing edge. Fastlane accelerates the performance of latency-sensitive applications, helping organizations deploy current and application-specific optimization techniques to deploy Attendance Age Points (POPS).

In addition, autonomous transit enforcement detects performance problems in application-to-application networks in infrastructure. It optimizes by recommending steps such as delaying expansion, performance, or infrastructure improvements.

Dynamic compliance ensures that requirements are met – whether in industry or through local and international regulations – by automatically applying user measures based on dynamic risk and behavior profiles.

Organizations worldwide are on a journey that cannot be changed because of multiple clouds, greater agility and flexibility, unique functionality each offer, and evolving digital ways to do business better and faster. Can do He is interested in the potential. IDC data shows global income in public clouds and infrastructure services will reach $160 billion this year, up 23.2 percent from 2017, and $277 billion by 2021.

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Later, more companies are using more cloud services and placing more applications and data in multiple clouds.

It would be more complex than the much-desired-centered world. The company will be “above the cloud”, but they do not leave their primitive environment; Instead, they changed it to make better use of public clouds. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and many public clouds such as Colloid, on-prime, and private cloud workload and data. Different regions and countries differ between data centers and branch offices.

Public clouds essentially span the dimensions of an organization’s infrastructure, and customers need to be able to extend their private networks across multiple public clouds, which can be combined with VPN (Virtual Private Network) or VPC (Virtual Cloud). Are competent and competent with the given techniques. , SD-WAN services in the future.

In addition, most cloud providers do not provide the monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities of network services that entrepreneurs seek in their use of networks or understanding of networks.

In addition, if businesses decide to use network services in public clouds, they should familiarize themselves with the specific services provided by individual providers and replicate their architecture. This can increase the complexity of cloud projects, and more importantly, the network design is inconsistent.

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