Reddit Users supports Woman non cooperation if men watch games.

Thanksgiving is upon us; Turkey and football fans look forward to it. However, there is an important annual routine in a woman’s household: men who eat and then lay on the couch and watch NFL games without her helping.

So he started a boycott this year and posted it on Reddit saying that “when people watch football, he’ll refuse to clean up” — and many online agree. Tvokschromosome on Women’s Perspectives’ forum, an account called Irina Said: “That was enough. It is 2021. It’s time for the men to go into the kitchen and make some good dishes themselves.

“That’s not the case. Do you think I like to wash the dishes? Am I hoarding food? Half a football is advertised, so he puts his ass in the kitchen and does the dishes; the bastard washes up.

For the 15th year in a row, the NFL is offering three live TV games on Thanksgiving, being held in Detroit, Dallas, and New Orleans.

As a result, many Redditors connected with icearia’s lament. Since its announcement on 24 November, it has received over 20,100 votes and over 2,300 comments.

Some commenters shared tips on escaping the burden of holiday work. Melibel24 wrote: I can’t rest from that chaos. Everyone is helping so that it doesn’t take much time, and by then, we will be ready for dessert. ,

One Redditor, Clover_1414, shared her sad story: “I told my husband he’s in charge of the party this year (we have a new smoker).

“Their answer: What are you going to do?

An account called PushEenkittipillow revealed that he spent years doing most homework on Thanksgiving—until he “allowed our five-year help to clear the table.”

Innospocket wrote: “Ugh. I remember this in my extended family when I was growing up. And as a little girl, I expected when my nephews were out of hand. Are you 2 years old? Are you physically able to walk and carry goods? Congratulations, you can help clean up.

On Reddit, the woman said she’s not washing the court on Thanksgiving this year because people want to watch football.

This morning, a coalition of neighborhood unions, private school leaders, and homeowners unions in Portland City canceled their support for one of the city’s planned “Safe Rest Villages.” The group cited the city’s refusal to implement a screening process for village residents to exclude tenants for crimes such as sex, arson, and assault. It presented the city with two other demands that the group says had been rejected this week: a 1,000-buffer ban on tent camps and the formation of village advisory groups around the village.

In February, WW reported that two leaders of schools within 100 feet of the village—Boddo Halliger of Portland International School and Bevan Byers of Bridge Middle School—were leading the Downtown Alliance to meet their demands, which could be said to be. The timing has been modified in the last six months.

At a news conference on muddy grass near an international school, two school leaders said the city had rejected their demands this week. Around 25 people demonstrated for the announcement. Both leaders said they were disappointed as the city did not meet their demands and wanted to welcome the village.

Haliger said the city’s commissioner’s office and Ryan had promised when the site was first announced that residents would go through a basic filtering process similar to any tenant. But the city and county told the Alliance this week that there would be no screening. Holliger’s and Buyers described a virtual meeting with officials from the city, district, and joint office of homeless services to discuss the group’s demands. All of them were shot, he said.

And it looks like the City Center Group isn’t the only village coalition that solicits such promises from cities and regions: Heliger said last month his group was closer to the proposed villages, nine other environmental associations, and four local groups. , valid. A joint office comes up with a joint template for “good neighborly agreements”, which selects an organization for each village to manage. All other environmental unions informally accept the same three demands, Heliger said.


Other groups representing Neighborhoods and Future Villages around the Environment Association and surrounding villages were led by Stan Penkin, president of the Neighborhood Association of Pearl District. “We’re tired, and we are,” Heliger said emotionally at a press conference. He then told WW: “We have a genuine desire to create a welcoming environment for the villagers. We are disappointed and disappointed and sad.” However, it is unclear whether pushback from stakeholders will affect the opening of the City Center Village to Village, although this is unlikely, as the opposition has so far downplayed the City Project to prevent further exploration of the project.

The plot of land being considered at 2300 SW NATO Parkway will serve as a relocation location for the village of Affinity Queer, which was moved from the former interior by development earlier this year. Today’s press conference shows the off-white pod, and residents will begin walking next week.