What exactly is black hat SEO?

Now I’ll tell you what “black hat SEO” means. So you should always be aware that this is actually a method we use to try to force people to visit our website. which helps us get a lot of people to our site. And inside this, we break all of the search engine’s rules, which are meant to safeguard your site. Only search engine bots are dealt with when black hat SEO is used and puts backlinks to your site on thousands of websites. I will tell you that doing this type of work for your blog is very bad because all of these links are made by spam links and automatic websites. And Google’s boots, Spider, can find them easily. And your website’s blocks are getting ready for tomorrow.

Because of this, Google keeps changing how its search engine works to give its users the best tools.

Here are some significant changes that Google has made. Google Penguin and Google Panda Since these updates, Google has blocked a large number of large websites that had incorrectly hung their site.

So, I always tell you guys that if you want to remain in line, you should always remember Google’s Search Engine Rules. If Google changes the way its search engine works at some point in the future, your website shouldn’t be hurt in any way.


Black Hat SEO Practise

What exactly is black hat SEO?

I’m going to discuss all of those black-hat SEO techniques. which helps your website get to the top of Google’s search results very quickly. If you guys use any of these methods, even by accident, tell me which one you have applied the most by leaving a comment.

  1. Overuse of keywords
    On my blog, I wrote a separate piece about this. And to find out the rest and more, you have to go to our block and read this post. If you include your main keyword the most in your article, It’s hard for the person reading this to understand. All new bloggers make mistakes at first.
  1. Not related to the topic
    We always write our own short descriptions so we are able to tell Google, as well as other people, about the article we wrote, what we wrote in it, and who we wrote about. But here, people often make mistakes and write the same thing more than once. This helps you show Google that your post is real. However, Google does not allow you to use the same keyword more than twice in your Meta Description. However, I would advise you to only use it once in order to make it easy to read and for people to find your website quickly. In the meantime, you don’t use keywords that have nothing to do with what you’ve written.
  1. Entrance and exit Post
    This method is utilized to write information that is only half complete, and the majority of the drawbacks are used inside. Google ranks these kinds of posts very quickly because of this. But they don’t have a limit because Google gets rid of them after a few days. We call this kind of content “Drooway and Gateway.”
  1. Duplicate Content
    Most new bloggers use it. Those who don’t know anything about how to blog So, they start writing or pasting a post from Google that they have copied in its entirety on their website. Or they might keep putting up the post that gets the most attention. But I’ll tell you that Google’s search engine quickly figures out this type of work. Write your own stuff and don’t copy anything. If you wish to gather information, you have to gather it and write it down in your own way. It becomes completely unique, allowing you to rank on Google.
  1. Invisible keyword
    Many people color their posts by highlighting all the irrelevant keywords that have nothing to do with the post. But we all understand that content gets colored faster if it has more keywords in it. I want to warn you that you can’t get away with 100% forgiveness from Google if you make your content stand out by using keywords that aren’t needed. Showcase the very same keywords that you discuss on your website.
  1. Content Automation
    There are a lot of sites like this that give you free content, but the content you receive from such sites is not at all good for SEO. Because of this, Google will never rank your site. since this free content is only given to bring websites down. And new bloggers don’t figure this out right away, so it takes them years to be able to rank their websites.



In conclusion, I hope I’ve explained what “black hat” SEO is and why it’s dangerous. would have liked to know about it.

And finally, I want to tell you once more that you shouldn’t use black-hat search engine optimization techniques. As such, Google will punish you, and you will have to stop blogging. If you enjoyed this post, please tell your friends and spread the word on social media.