XFLOKIVERSE – 1st Metaverse Project on Ripple blockchain

Xflokiverse is an entirely new NFT project that combines a trio of Ksfloki pieces and creates a complete ecosystem of unique flowers. The project aims to become the metaverse of NFT games, with each token contributing to the overall puzzle, providing services including NFTs, awards, items, skills, and scenarios with which the user can interact. Based on the KSRP Ledger, KSflokiverse aims to maintain its number one coin status online and become a free game in the coming months.

What are exclusives?

Ksflokiverse is the name of the entire Metavors, which consists of 3 different tokens – $ksfloki, $ksfloki, and $ksflokirese.

In the metaverse, owners of the $KSFLOKI token will receive their own exclusive NFT. Each NFT awarded will be based on the number of tokens of different rarity owned by the user. Through the accumulation and holding of $KSFLOKI, users can obtain a wide range of convertible funds.

Each element can be used to develop your characters, completely customizing your individual NFTs. With the $Ksflokiverse token, users can get their planet and environment to create their own words to store their ksfloki and ksfloki game items.

The choice will be huge and using each world’s unique backgrounds, edges, elements, features, and promotions will be the user’s responsibility. No two worlds are the same, and users have complete control over their creations.

The three tokens are separate institutions with their prices and contracts, and each token will serve its specific ecosystem purpose.

Ksfloki and ksfloki reward levels that can be unlocked:

Ksflokiverese world aims to reward the users with many options on multiple levels. There will be multiple $KSfloki boxes, each of which can be received and assigned based on the user’s total number of $KSfloki tokens.

Different topics and skills will be available in different data and rarity levels. There are currently options ranging from tree level for token owners to dragon level – the most powerful for large holders.

The more ksfloki tokens the owner has, the higher the chances of getting rare quality items from locked KSfloki tokens.

$KSFlokis tokens will buy items, scenes, and in-game upgrades. Tokens can be accumulated to buy different locked boxes across multiple levels. As the project progresses, Box options will be updated and redesigned to consider community feedback.

$Ksfloki Each level will have its own set of unique items. Users are strongly encouraged to introduce the ksflokiverse to the world and collect as many sets of items as possible. Personalization is an important part of the planned metaverse.

The goal is to use each character, item, ability, and the individual world to create an interactive and shared experience between the user, potential metaverse, and the game environment.

KSFLOKIVERSE’s long-term vision:

The team’s general goal behind the three different tokens is to create a common metaverse by combining all the individual coins made with the three different tokens, allowing users to interact with and customize gaming experiences. I can do this. , each holder will receive their unique NFT, and the more they communicate and present, the more rewards and options will be available.

Marketing and project development are the first stages of planning. Due to its needs for continuous marketing, SEO, social media, and web development, the project has already joined the main crypto advertising agency, Compressor.

In the coming months, we will see rapid changes and updates to KSflokiverse to increase user engagement and personalization. Soon, the full game ksflokiverse will be published, allowing users to access its collection of characters and items in the game that has never been seen before in the crypto space. The choices should be huge, and every player will experience the metaverse in particular.

With the design and launch of your website, white paper, and road map, more innovations are being sought in the XRP Ledger through Xflocsi’s efforts. In its goal to make Metavors the number one gaming environment on XRPL by releasing its project document and company website during the past week, the project has set up kiosks.

Xflokiverse has achieved several important milestones in the few weeks since its creation. The roadmap and white paper production provided further instructions regarding game development, marketing, and new user orientation for selected holders, scheduled for a pre-alpha release in January 2022. New Rolling. The website is directly accessible to new users a month before the launch to provide more information about the game concepts and INS and OUTS.

White Paper and Roadmap V1 Released:

The project has outlined several major storages over the next three months, all of which potential investors can expect from a proposal in the Xflokiverse column.

The White Book explains in detail the reasons for building on XRPL and how the game’s initial structure would be built—some insight and quietly into the required inventory items in the pixel and non-pixel versions. Weapons including sticks, axes, and “XRP chainsaws” were requested from the initial response, displayed on Xflokacese Twitter, and possibly replaced items in the Xflokiverse. The concept of weapons and items has been respected for some of the best games and MMORPGs in the past 20 years.

Exclusive, a tentative exchange list from the road map and historical milestones for holders, including Xflocivers dashboard features – Xflociverse listing of users, eggs, and hubs for total ownership.

The document also established guidelines for launching the Metaverse game, whose holders are selected based on their level for pre-alpha release in January. In the coming weeks, pre-alpha will be released to the required level, and a ration will be issued.