African Data Centers to invests billions of dollars

Co-location data’s African neutral co-location data provider has invested R30 billion to upgrade two data centers in Johannesburg, costing 100MW to 100MW. The company has Africa’s largest data center, carrier, and neutral network.

It also protects land to build a third data center in Johannesburg (and all four in SA) over the next two years. This will be the largest location – producing 50MW. The announcement was made by Stephen Duplos, CEO of Africa Data Center, during a media tour at the Midrand campus last night.

African Data Center is part of Kaswa Technologies fiber solutions provider, high-end connectivity solutions exclusively for cellular operators, operators, companies, media, and content companies in 14 countries, especially East, South, and South Africa.

Founded by the President of Masiali Street Executive, Kaswa Technologies is a new pan-African technology group managed by leading telecom brands, including Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Sasai Fintech, Via Technology, and Via Power Technology. African Data Center has three data centers in SA, Midrand (JHB1), Centurion (JHB2), and Elfindale, Cape Town (CPT1).

According to Duproz, Johannesburg’s consulting plan is a microcosm of the company’s broader vision, which will build 10 hyperscale data centers in Africa, including Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco, and Egypt, for the next two years.

Amid growing support for the digital economy by the government and the private sector, it intends to significantly expand its infrastructure, attract large investments from global players in the cloud market, which is growing rapidly, and Market to Market to Continental Data Center Market to Market to Market to Market to Market to Market to Market to Market to Market to Market to Market to Continental Data Centers.

We allocate half of this to SA, as we plan to expand a significant amount of our two data centers in Johannesburg and a third data center in Johannesburg.

“When you look at our plans for expanding data centers, we look at our data center located in Africa, which is located in SA.” Although he did not give more details about the new data center, Dupros said that $500 million would be set aside for expansion plans, excluding the construction of the data centers.

He added that the Johannesburg Suvidhaan plan is an integral part of the expansion of the continental data center market, as SA is one of the main markets in Africa and a gateway to the smaller neighboring market. The announcement was made in September following the completion of the 10MW JHB1 data center, which has been aggregated as one of the largest in Africa.

The JHB1 hyperscale data center is designed to the latest global standards. It is part of the response to on-demand data centers as businesses accelerate their digital transformations on all continents.

Casava Technologies now operates the largest pan-African terrestrial fiber broadband network, including over 300 towns and cities in Africa.

Kaswa Kaswa Pemewa, President and CEO of Technology, said, “Today’s announcement by African Data Center and our expansion plan highlights our commitment to accelerating digital transformations in Africa.,” said Kaswa Kaswa Pemewa, President and CEO of Technology. To enhance the mark, it is a digital form. An important part of fulfilling our future attitude is that it does not exclude Africans.

Onwards and upwards:

According to the reported linker, the market cap of African data centers is expected to reach $2 billion in 2020. It is expected to reach a compound annual growth rate of 15% between 2020 and 2026.

The report said that factors contributing to this growth include increased availability of renewable energy, smart city initiatives, and support for the digital economy.

As the demand for data and cloud adoption increases in traffic, data centers across the continent are becoming increasingly important.

African Data Center said its vision was launched by launching various commercial opportunities and providing high-quality data-on-edge data centers to further strengthen and grow its market share in the African strategic network. neutral should be developed

The new company began developing other data centers in Kenya by loading up to 20MW and acquiring land for a third facility in the country. Duproz said examining African growth paths allows companies to commit to new locations to make investment decisions and expand existing ones.

“African data centers currently have the largest levels of data centers in Nairobi and East Africa. The region has the largest number of connectivity providers at sites in the region, and the company has the strongest leadership and a special financial services context. The ecosystems around are dynamic.