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cloud network post 1

Prosimo to launch multicloud networking setup

The rush of companies to adopt multi-cloud and hybrid clouds has not waned in recent years. This intensified during the pandemic as organizations moved...
data center post 1

Google, Amazon, and Microsoft disagree with new data center rules

Technology giants with large Irish operating systems have reacted negatively to rule changes that would force new data center operators to supply their...
Quantum processor Eagle (2)

World’s Most Powerful Quantum Processor "Eagle" Launched

IBM this week launched a 127-cube quantum computing chip called Eagle, showing a new asset in the race to build the most powerful quantum computer. Their...

Argyle's SAAS to change Financial Score Record System of world.

Your personal and financial information is under your control and ready to be used together in a way that was not readily available before, especially...

US DOE allocates supercomputer access to 51 projects via INCITE program

By 2022, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Vigyan Office, through its Innovative and New Computer Impact through Theory and Use of U.S., or INCITE...

AWS Launches AL2022 - A Cloud Based Fedora Linux System

Generally, the public cloud runs on Linux. Most users, even Microsoft Azure users, run Linux in the cloud. In the case of market giant Amazon Web Services...
cloud computieng

Cloud based multimedia company has obtained AI implementation

The global company today announced that it had received an AI implementation opportunity from KokDigital, a leading provider of artificial intelligence...
data center africa

African Data Centers to invests billions of dollars

Co-location data’s African neutral co-location data provider has invested R30 billion to upgrade two data centers in Johannesburg, costing 100MW...

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